Hire a car and add an extra dimension to your holiday in Corfu


Our cars are fully insured, including damage to glass, tires, mirrors,
and theft. The excess (the maximum amount you will have to pay if something goes wrong.) is €500.
With our Super Cover of €6 per day, you will have NO Excess.
We wouldn't dream of charging you for extra mileage or adding an
excess charge for fuel, you don't need a credit card and you don't
have to leave a guarantee.
We are based in Dassia but will deliver and collect your car anywhere
in Corfu for free — at the airport, ferry port, or your holiday
accommodation. Please use the online request form to enquire about
availability or contact us for more information.

Peugeot 108 top 1000cc


  • 5 Passengers
  • 5 Doors
  • Airco
  • Suitcases: 
  • Radio/CD player
  • USB and Bluetooth

Opel Corsa 1200cc


  • 5 Passengers

  • 5 Doors

  • Airco

  • Suitcases: 1 big, 1 small

  • Radio/CD player

  • USB and Bluetooth

Opel Corsa 1400cc



  • 5 Passengers
  • 5 Doors
  • Automatic
  • Airco
  • Suitcases: 1 big, 1 small
  • Touch screen
  • Radio/CD player
  • USB and Bluetooth

Citroen Grand Picasso  C4  7 seats 1800cc


  • 7 Passengers

  • 5 Doors  

  • Automatic Airco

  • Suitcases: depending on the passengers - With 7, there is no place for suitcases.

  • Touch screen

  • Radio/CD player

  • USB and Bluetooth

  • GPS

Why rent a car

Most travelers who like to travel like a local prefer to use public transport. It’s cheap, usually reliable, and an easy way to get from A to B.

However, hiring a car on vacation can make a lot of sense, and who doesn’t love a good road trip!

To travel by bus on the island means that you will have to go to Corfu-town first and then travel further, this makes it time-consuming.

The thought of driving in a new country can be overwhelming. But renting a car can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Some destinations are more suited to having a car than others. For example, if you’re visiting Corfu Town, you probably won’t need one, but it pays off if you want to explore the island. Going through this list will help you decide whether you could benefit from a car rental while on Corfu.


Reasons to Rent a Car on Vacation


No other mode of transportation allows for the convenience and freedom that a car does. Driving yourself offers 100% flexibility and complete freedom of movement.

You don’t have to stick to timetables or schedules, and you can change your plans as you go along. A spontaneous detour makes for the most memorable parts of vacation!

Every minute counts when you’re visiting a new destination, and when you only have a limited number of days, spending hours on buses is not ideal. 

Having a car means you can plan your days around your routine; you can get up early to get to an attraction ahead of the tour buses, you can pull over to the side of the road for viewpoints, you can take unscheduled toilet stops. You also don’t have to wait an hour if the bus doesn’t come.



The local bus is the cheapest way to get around, but renting a car is incredibly affordable for the level of convenience and freedom it gives you.

Car rental is usually well below what you would pay for a taxi or a bus tour for the day. Often renting a car from the airport saves you money right off if you had planned to hail a cab.

Of course, when calculating your costs, make sure you remember to budget for things like petrol and insurance.

So, when planning your vacation, think how much you would be spending on cabs, transfers, and day tours you could otherwise do yourself if you had a car handy. And compare that to the cost of a car rental.

If you’re travelling solo, maybe it works out to be more cost-effective to use the buses and trains. But if you’re travelling as a couple or a family, a car can start to save you money. Tour buses charge per person, but it doesn’t cost anything extra to rent a car with four people.



A vehicle offers a level of comfort that most public transportation alternatives don’t provide. You get to spread out as much as you want to, have easy access to your things, and can control with whom you’re sharing your personal space.


They may sound like minor considerations, but just having control over things like the air conditioner and radio can make a massive difference to the comfort of a trip. 

Comfort means clean space and simple pleasures like pulling over if you need to stop for food, air, or the bathroom. Renting a car wins in every scenario when it comes to comparing levels of comfort.


Know The Restrictions

When weighing up whether to choose a car rental, it’s essential to understand any restrictions involved. These may vary from company to company, so it’s always a good idea to read the fine print before you make a booking.


Typical restrictions are who can drive the vehicle and the mileage you’re allowed to cover. Even if there is no limitation on the mileage, you may not be allowed to go off the island.

Understanding the restrictions placed on car rentals in your destination could be a significant factor in whether or not it’s worth renting one.


The type of transportation you choose can make or break a vacation. So instead of relying on public buses that can limit your destinations, it’s wise to rent a car. That way, you get to explore more places and travel like a local.

Discover New Destinations

Most destinations are a lot more than what’s within their bus stop limits. Wherever you go, you’ll probably find that you’re within driving distance from some pretty incredible places.

Driving allows you to widen the range of places you’re able to see. 

You’re not stuck within the limits of one area or region and don’t have to limit to attractions along public transport routes. You can explore and discover authentic parts that other travelers don’t generally get the chance to see.