discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving for Beginners


For the complete beginner, we offer good instructions to let you enjoy this exciting sport. We follow recognized training guidelines, and you will be under the supervision of a qualified instructor.


We start with a lesson for about 20 minutes to explain the necessary essentials of diving and the use of scuba equipment. After you have kitted up in full gear, it is into the water to put theory into practice. Simple exercises such as clearing your mask, buoyancy control, and demand valve clearing are all practiced. Having mastered these skills, we then continue with a dive made in shallow water for your safety so that you can experience the underwater world and the feeling of being weightless. While on the dive, we take photos and videos that you have after your dive! You also get the Discover Scuba Diving certificate at the end as a reward for participating.


We have two dive sites for the Discover Scuba Diving and snorkeling. Agia Triada Beach is an easy-dive site ideal for your first experience. When you complete the first dive, you can continue your experience with a second open water dive at Agia Triada Reef, diving into an impressive open swim through!

After a briefing, dive again into a beautiful area with remarkable rock formations where you will see some different species of marine life. You will reach a maximum depth of 12 meters, and whilst this might sound a lot deeper, the water is so lovely and clear, you will not notice the increase in-depth. Still, you will be thrilled with the views you have of the open sea. On your dive, you can see octopus, sea urchin, different kinds of bream, scorpionfish, mullets, shells, and a lot more.


Duration: 3 hours (1 dive) – 5 hours (2 dives)


1 Discovery Dive ( including 1 dive, lesson & equipment) 70 euro per person.

2 Discovery Dives(including 2 dives, lesson & equipment) 110 euro per person.

3 Snorkeling 45 euro per person.

Transfers from your resort are not included but can be arranged



Minimum Age: 10 years. Prior experience level: None. No serious health issues (ask to fill our medical statement)


Dive schedule in Paleokastritsa Dive Center:

  • 11:00 Discover Scuba Diving (Beginners) 1st group
  • 13:00 Discover Scuba Diving (Beginners) 2nd group
  • 15:00 Discover Scuba Diving (Beginners) 3rd group