Horse riding 

Discover the freedom of horse riding!

The stables are run by Katerina and Ilias, who are both passionate animal lovers. 

Katerina is a certified ENVIRONMENTAL EQUESTRIAN GUIDE and horse trainer with many years of experience. Ilias works with horses since 2009 and holds a first aid certification.

They professionally run the stables have, at the moment, 24 horses. The horses are primarily rescued horses trained by Katerina and Ilias. With their passionate love and attention for each animal, they are all well-mannered and in excellent condition.

Technical information:
Used tack: English and western depending on the rider's experience and weight.
Max. weight tack: 100-110 kilo (max.6)
Minimum group size: 1
Maximum group size: 12
Level: novice, experienced / intermediate, and advanced riders.
The leader has a first aid kit and riding helmets provided to all riders.
 Kids under 13 can have body protectors and ride on the lead with one of our guides.

Please be advised:
For your comfort, wear closed-toe shoes and not flip-flops or sandals.
Preferably trousers to avoid any injuries.
Bring mosquito repellent and a small rucksack to keep your things in while riding.

The rides are outside the stable yard. While on your ride, you will see olive groves, pine and oak forests, eucalyptus trees, cypress, and many other tree species, and countless flowers. Many traditional villages where time stands still give a pleasant insight into the Greek way of life.

Guests can enjoy the central beach of Agios Spyridon. We cross a bridge that takes you to Nisos island with some hidden beaches, the medieval monastery St Caterina, and Cape Ekaterini (Corfu's most northern point). You will meet the Antinioti lake, a protected territory with rich flora and fauna, and finally reach the km's long beach of Almiros. Here some cross country jumps only for advanced horse riders will be included.

Another option for the two-hour ride is to go on the hill through Pelekito village and the olive groves. Enjoy the breathtaking sea view toward the mountains of Albania.
Price: € 35,00 (transfers not included, available on request)

Price: € 50,00 (transfers  included, available on request)

If you like adventure, you can choose a half-day ride, a mix of the two-hour rides. Have a break at our stable yard and enjoy local products!
Price: € 60,00 (transfers not included, available on request)
Drinks and a snack included.

The all-day challenge leads to the semi-deserted Byzantine of Old Perithia on the mountain range of Mount Pantokrator.
Riding through fantastic scenery up to the mountain starts with selecting traditional villages, followed by paths through ancient olive groves. We continue on a track along a gulley bordered by Oak Forest. After hours in nature, only maybe meeting an occasional hiker or shepherd, we reach Old Perithia for a fantastic lunch in the oldest taverna of the village, O'Foros.
After lunch, we discover this old village of Corfu, located a few hundred meters under the summit of Mount Pantokrator, Corfu's highest mountain (907m).
On the way back, there is another break to see the enormous cave Grava which has a lake in it. All the time, you can enjoy the incredible views of the coastline and in the distance the Greek mainland and Albania.
Price: € 150,00 (transfers not included, available on request)
Drinks and lunch included.